Priming systems for yachts

yacht pump ejector
Priming ejectors are widely used on yachts to prime the centrifugal pumps when these are installed above the liquid level, when the low level in the suction tank in some circustance is below the pump and when it is necessary to remove air formation inside suction pipes, due to infiltration from sea chest or from tank. Typical applications are pumps for bilge, ballast, stripping, transfer and other.
The unique feature of the VARITOR air ejector to be adjusted for each application, give to the user the possibility to very reduce the compressed air consumption. Traditional air ejectors could be not suitable for the air system of small and medium size yacht.
Furthermore the reduction of air flow also greatly reduce the airborne noise of the ejectors in engine room and in the upper decks.
Priming for centrifugal pump for yachts