Priming systems for industrial pumps


Although nowadays the use of air priming ejectors in industry is limited, their advantages are very interesting for some pumping applications.

Vertical sump pumps
These type of pumps are traditionally expensive due to the long shaft construction and they have costly maintenance. Also often line shaft bushings required external lubrication with clean water or with grease/oil. The priming ejector permits the use of a standard dry installed centrifugal pump; this type of pump has much less installation cost and easy maintenance. Prime ejector can be installed on the suction pipe in front of pump or directly on the pump casing. Different materials are available for any type of liquids from neutral to acid.

Submersible pumps
Sometime the use of submersible pumps is limited by the short list of materials available on the market or for the expensive cost of medium or high flow pumps of these type.
The use of air priming ejector permit the use a common dry installed pump, which are available in a variety of materials and flow at a reasonable price.

compressed air ejector for centrifugal pump - Tanker