VARITOR Priming Unit – VB


The priming unit VARITOR VB is designed for the priming of centrifugal and volumetric pumps installed above the level of the liquid to be pumped.

Through the use of compressed air, the ejector produces inside a tank the vacuum which removes the air contained in the suction pipe and in the pump casing, forcing the liquid to rise up to the pump.

When the liquid reaches the tank, a level switch controls the pump start and the stop of the ejector.

If the liquid level inside the tank drops due to new air coming from pipe, the ejector automatically is activated repeating the priming cycle.

Priming unit VB has not liquid overflow into the atmosphere; the ejector only discharges the compressed air.

Vacuum generator VARITOR Priming Unit - VB


The priming unit VARITOR VB must be installed on the suction pipe. If the pipe has a regular ascending slope toward the pump, the ejector must be installed close to the suction flange. In the case where the pipe has an irregular layout, the ejector must be installed in a top point so as to perform the complete evacuation of the air contained in it. An auxiliary connection must be connected to the upper part of the pump casing and eventually to the discharge pipe.

The pump must have a non return valve on the discharge side.

The particular configuration of VB ejector permits an easily and quickly installation, which most of the times avoids the use of brackets and clamps.


  • Pump dry-running protection
  • No water overflow or spray into the atmosphere
  • Adjustment of compressed air consumption and vacuum level
  • Fast priming
  • Suction height up to 8m
  • Automatic working
  • Suitable for all pumps type

Special constructions

  • Stainless steel AISI 316 or exotic material for aggressive liquids
  • Different voltage: 220-230VAC, 110/115VAC, 24VDC, 12VDC

pump applications

Pump applications

Recommended for pumps with long suction pipe and large volume of air to remove or when water overflow to bilge is not permit (dry bilge).

marine applications

Marine applications

Ballast pumps, stripping pumps, transfer pumps, dewatering pumps.

industry applications

 Industry applications

Transfer pumps, draining pumps, stripping pumps.

VARITOR Priming Unit – Special types

TECHMON can design and produce special priming units for specific applications according to customer requirements.